Insight No.4: Location-Based Social Media Services Have Huge Potential For This Audience

The majority of respondents thought location-based social media/services were of great practical use, for example, for finding places such as newsagents, shopping centres or cinemas, or for finding their way if lost.

“To find the nearest shop or bar.”
(Male, 14 years old)

“If you’re meeting up with friends and they had a GPS you could find them easily.”
(Male, 14 years old)

“It could also be used if you have invited a friend over, and they get lost or don’t know where they are to find them and guide them to where they want to be.”
(Female, 13 years old)

But they could also see the potential for more playful or whimsical applications:

“To track spaceships, asteroids and meteorites.”
(Male, 12 years old)

The third prominent theme amongst many suggestions was increasing or maintaining safety and security, a clear concern amongst this young age group:

“If you need help you could use GPS on your mobile and send a distress signal to the police and they would have your exact location.”
(Male, 14 years old)

“To track down missing pets.”
(Male, 14 years old)

Though the picture is positive for the most part, a minority lack confidence in the accuracy and thus reliability of location-based services. Brands would need to provide assurance of its accuracy in its communication with this audience.

Some Tweens criticised the dependence of location-based services on the internet, making cost and reliance on internet connection two key barriers. However, Tweens are increasingly accessing the internet via their mobiles, and network provider packages are only likely to improve in terms of value for money as they push to migrate all users online.

Service providers perhaps aren’t yet packaging and communicating location-based services in a way that works for Tweens. Rather than conveying any sense of ‘invasion of privacy’, they should communicate first and foremost the practical and fun (and to a lesser degree, safety-related) benefits that location-based services can provide.

Facebook are set to roll out location-based status updates, allowing brands to target consumers with geographically relevant marketing. Time for brands to get their thinking caps on and devise strategies which work for them

• Tweens are fascinated by the idea of ‘treasure hunt’ format and other games which apply location-based technology

• Though currently favoured by an older audience, the location-based social media service foursquare is sure to gain greater traction with younger audiences. Check out their rewards system for good ideas

Tweenage Clicks – Insight No.4
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