Insight No.3: Sharers And Influencers Bring The Most Value To Brands

As with adults, Tweens exhibit a variety of different types of social network user, ranging from highly active to passive:

The most active create and post their own content – they might write their own blog or create and post humorous videos

Some Tweens actively surf the web for good content to pass on – for the amusement of both themselves and their online friends

Others simply view and forward content they’ve been sent, but play little role in seeking out good content

The least active only look at content others have shared.

Though group four may seem of limited interest to brands, they will still chat online, by phone or face-to-face about content that has captured their imagination – so word of mouth can still be harnessed through the provision of shareable branded content.

However, it makes most sense for brands to target the first three groups, as they are all ‘sharers’.

Another important characteristic is influence. More active sharers tend to wield a greater degree of influence over their peers (influencers); however, this is not a hard-and-fast rule and there is a spectrum of influence level within each group.

Being a sharer and an influencer is a powerful combination. Successfully targeting one Tween with both characteristics is likely to bring the same value to a brand as targeting multiple non-sharers or non-influencers.

“I would always follow the links that my friends send me as they like the same things that I do. Like the adidas Originals stuff we’ve all been passing around.”
(Male, 13 years old)

It’s accepted that Tweens turn to their peers for recommendations; thus those Tweens who are well informed (something which Pages allow for) are perfectly placed to influence those around them.

A good place to start is to find Tweens who are members of a great many Pages and Groups.

Also those with large networks (i.e. more Facebook friends).

• Develop a set of metrics that define which Tweens are sharer-influencers in your sector or category

• Similarly, develop an understanding of the utility or entertainment which the audience deems a good fit with your brand; i.e, the shape and form of brand permission

• Ensure sharer-influencers develop a sense of a vested interest in your brand

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