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How We Did It…

Clients often ask us for our take on social media trends amongst young audiences and advice on how best to connect with them. With this in mind, in partnership with The Lounge Group, we conducted a study of social media … Continue reading

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Insight No.1: Facebook Pages/Groups Help Tweens Express Their Fast-Changing Identity

Of all their online activities, it is social networking sites where this age group are spending the vast majority of their time. Even those under 13 are entering false dates of birth in order to create a profile. Facebook is … Continue reading

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Insight No.2: Content Which Informs Or Entertains Offers Social Currency To Tweens

As stated in insight number one, Tweens have a voracious appetite for viewing and sharing online content. We delved deeper to understand why this is and how it works. A significant motivation for sharing content is receiving feedback from peers … Continue reading

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Insight No.3: Sharers And Influencers Bring The Most Value To Brands

As with adults, Tweens exhibit a variety of different types of social network user, ranging from highly active to passive: The most active create and post their own content – they might write their own blog or create and post … Continue reading

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Insight No.4: Location-Based Social Media Services Have Huge Potential For This Audience

The majority of respondents thought location-based social media/services were of great practical use, for example, for finding places such as newsagents, shopping centres or cinemas, or for finding their way if lost. β€œTo find the nearest shop or bar.” (Male, … Continue reading

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Insight No.5: Tweens As Brand Ambassadors

The research showed that there is a role to play for brand ambassadors among the Tween audience, but marketers need to consider their approach carefully and intelligently. Initially for Tweens, the advantage of becoming a brand ambassador seems quite clear … Continue reading

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Insight No.6: Using The Influence Of Celebrity

Using celebrities to reach a Tween audience can be an effective means of communication. However, Tweens will not blindly follow anyone and can be sceptical over the choices made by brands in this area. Tweens have no issue with celebrities … Continue reading

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